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Coaching and Personal Training Education Programs

The Enneagram and Personal Training
This class introduces the Enneagram, a widely used personality inventory, then discusses how to use it to maximize the effectiveness of the personal trainer/client relationship.
The Enneagram is a widely used personality typing inventory that gives the user an insight into why people behave the way they behave. It underlines the motivation of the 9 personality types and how to use the correct forms of communication to connect to each type. Each trainer will be typed to assist in gaining insight into their own patterns and how they impact the communication process. 8 hour class with workbook included.

The Psychology of Personal Training
This class covers the basics of understanding the impact human psychology has on goal setting, exercise type selection, personality, and motivation.
Basic and advanced skills will be taught and practiced to help trainers better connect with people. Connection and empathy are keys to both personal training sales and client retention. Skills around verbal, non-verbal, language usage and recognition and NLP techniques will be discussed, taught and practices. This class makes an immediate impact on trainer results. 8 hour class with workbook included.

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