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FAQ Answer Page

Q: What is Exercise Psychotherapy?
A:  Exercise Psychotherapy involves combining traditional organized exercise with varied forms of talk based therapy.
Q:  What kinds of exercise are involved?
A:  Either/and/or cardiovascular activity and strength training can be involved. The choice is made based on the clients likes/dislikes and their goals. 

Q: What is post-therapy Integration Training?
A: This training takes someone who has finished physical or occupational therapy. It is designed to integrate therapy exercises into functional strength.

Q: What is the Enneagram?
A: It is a personality typing system that has been used for personal, spiritual, business and relationship growth. See the link shown on the previous page for more detailed information.

Q.  What is Wellness Coaching
A.   Wellness Coaching involves in depth lifestyle, exercise and nutrition evaluation designed to create a life plan to maximize physical, spiritual and mental health. Concepts of stress management, exercise prescription and diet along with personality typing are used as necessary.

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